Friday, April 5, 2013


I hate researching milestones because it makes me depressed and anxious about my baby if she isn't meeting them, plus I also feel really pressured to "help" her meet all these milestones. She is almost 32 weeks old ie 7 months old and I decided to look up where she should be at because I haven't done it in a couple months.

Of all the great things she's accomplished in her short life, it's never enough is it?
  • She can feed herself real food. She swallows it.
  • She's been putting herself to sleep and sleeping through the night for 4 months now.
  • She can roll all over the place and rolls over to things she wants.
  • She also reaches for things she wants.
  • She can follow sound, movement, and turns when you say her name.
  • She loves jumping.
  • She loves being read to and sung to, and Bob and I do it several times daily.
  • She can sit unassisted for less than a minute, longer if there's a toy in front of her to lean on.
  • She can squeal, laugh, blow raspberries, and roll her R's.
BUT She can't crawl and she doesn't babble. My baby is obviously doomed to live out her sub-par life as a homeless person slash failure because her parents didn't spend enough time with her teaching and helping her grow.

Alright, that's probably a bit excessive. All babies develop at their own pace and these are just guidelines blah blah bah. Still... it does make me feel guilty because I am a stay at home mom and I should be dedicating my whole day to my baby, spending every waking second with her, playing educational games and encouraging her brain development through a variety of stimulating activities. That's what all stay at home moms do right? (lol)

Running the daycare does take time away from Tesla. I have to play with everybody and because Tesla is such a content and quiet baby, it's easy to pass over her and focus on the kid screaming PAY WIT MEE! PAY WIT MEE!

But today I took a stand in an effort to spend more time with my daughter and really focus on getting that crawling and babbling thing going. Mornings are now dedicated to playing with only Tesla. The daycare kids can amuse themselves or play with Tesla too. It's only for 90 minutes. When she goes down for her morning nap I'll focus on the other kids.

I know there's nothing wrong with Tesla, like, she's not autistic or anything. And she was premature, if that still counts for anything. Some kids just never crawl. As far as the babbling goes - she's always been a quiet baby, hardly crying or making any noises really. She has gone ba-ba-ba on occasion, but perhaps the lack of babbling is an extension of that.

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