Monday, April 29, 2013

Comback Birthday

The 27th was my 26th birthday. It was a pretty good birthday.

Friday I kicked things off by having a party with my daycare kids. We had balloons, glow sticks, blowouts, and at lunch we had homemade pizza buns, brownies, and homemade orange crush. My dad came to visit and drop off a gift. I even got a gift from 2 of my daycare kids. It was very sweet!

At 11pm I was going to get ready for bed when my sister invites me drinking. I felt like such an old lady, "but it's 11 at night!!" Bob encouraged me to go, and I'm glad I did. We went to Tavern United and spent the majority of our time there talking to a drunk man who randomly asked to sit with us and then trying to get him to leave.

I even pulled out my camera and started talking about my baby, showing pictures, and going on about my family and my husband. He still didn't leave. He was fun to talk to though and we had many laughs at his expense. His friends at the table beside were laughing at him too because they knew we were messing with him.

On the way home Ashley's car started making a weird flapping noise when we pulled onto Bishop Grandin from the Pembina overpass. I told her it must be a belt broken or loose or something. The noise was getting louder and then the car ride started to get all bumpy. I ask if she was stalling because she drives a standard and she said no, she didn't know what was going on.

She tries to pull over, but she's in the turn off lane to St Mary's Rd, so we keep going. Then she turns into a transit loop and I tell her to keep going because we can't be there. Then she finally turns into a parking lot and pops the hood. I get out after her and gasp in drunken horror. Her tire is fucking shredded. We had been driving on her rim!

She called CAA to come put her donut on and I called Bob to come and get me. Poor guy was sleeping and he had to wake up Tesla to come get me. Everyone got to sleep in Saturday morning, so that was nice.

Saturday was my big get together of friends. I ordered a large lemon chiffon cake from Baked Expectations and it was so yummy. We all hung out at my mom's place and then met up at The Grove. There was a bit of misunderstanding. We had a table of 10 in the pub, but Bob and I couldn't join them because Tesla's not 18. I was rather concerned about her getting wild ideas in her head about participating in under-aged drinking and driving, so the 30 minute wait for a new table in the restaurant was worth it. The food was okay. I had roast beef, mashed potatoes, veggies and a yorkshire pudding. The pudding was burnt and the beef was too rare. Definitely not worth $24! Bob had a burger and fries and he said he didn't really enjoy it which was strange. He later got food poisoning....

After The Grove we had sangria and fortune cookies at my friend's house who's birthday is 2 days after mine. Tesla would not sleep. She missed her nap when we were at my mom's and she was so overtired. It think it was after 10 pm by the time the poor thing went to sleep. We ended up leaving at midnight.

Sunday, I left Bob at home to rest up and Tesla and I had lunch and my infamous birthday trifle at my mom's. I received some lovely gifts from my family and a wad of cash too. I've already spent the majority of it online, purchasing my first ever GPS unit for geocaching this summer. It's a Magellan eXplorist GC. I did my research and even though I could have afforded a fancier unit, this unit seems to fit my current needs and it got decent reviews. It should be here in a week!

Next Sunday I'm celebrating for the last time with Bob's family. Then I should be done until next year.

This was the year of the Comeback Birthday, (since last year was the birthday from Hades.) I had a wonderful time and 26 feels pretty damn good!

Shout-Out to Tesla Fans - I finally updated her YouTube account! Click to see a bunch of new videos.

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