Thursday, April 4, 2013

Deep Cleaning My Bank Account

Yesterday I lost my mind and spent my paycheque on a Bissel ProHeat® Deep Cleaning System plus a big bottle of carpet cleaning solution. I went into Canadian Tire to try to find this foaming carpet broom thing to clean the carpets. It's like, thirty bucks. I think Resolve makes one. I had bought one before. It's designed so you can spray the carpet cleaning foam and brush it in at the same time and it has a long handle. You wait for it to dry and then vacuum. Easy.

Except apparently they don't exist anymore and I can't find this thing anywhere.

Yesterday Tesla puked so much, I had to change my outfit twice and hers about 6 times. The carpet was disgusting. I gave up on it. She'd puke on it and I was like, fuck it, I don't care anymore. I'm sick of cleaning it. Baby puke stains a bright orange colour too. We have a can of Resolve with a brush on it so you can do spot cleans, but I always miss spots and it didn't even work the last time I pulled it out.

Anyway, I wanted to clean the whole carpet. I couldn't find this Resolve broom thing I wanted. I couldn't find anything similar. Then I saw the Bissell.

For just $200 this amazing deep cleaning machine could be mine! And it was.

Once we moved everything off the floor that we could and vacuumed as best we could with our cheap vacuum, I got to work deep cleaning. It took me an hour. I had to change out the water twice and I didn't even get the whole hallway done. The amount of cat hair pulled up with disgusting. I had to pull out my vacuum and suck it up as I went along because there was so much of it.

In the morning I vacuumed again and sucked up more hair and dirt. The carpet had a nice, crunchy yet soft texture when I walked on it. It looked very clean and new.

Forty-five minutes after Tesla got up this morning she puked on the carpet. Sigh. I can't even be mad. I knew it was coming.

It's recommended that carpet in high traffic areas, exposed to multiple pets and large families, should be deep cleaned every 2-3 months. That's my carpet. Thinking of the cost of professionally deep cleaning my carpet 6 times a year, this Bissel I bought will pay for itself before the year is through. A clean carpet doesn't pay my overdue Visa bill though and I really should have thought ahead before making such an expensive and impulsive purchase.

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