Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Husband, Lightening

The new boy started daycare with me yesterday. He's 4 going on 14 and very fun to play with. He has a lot to say and has no filter. For instance, when I told him Bob was my boyfriend he scoffed and said that Bob is a boring name and he is changing it to Lightening and I can only call him Lightening from now on.

Then, by freak chance, Bob  I mean, Lightening stayed home from work today so he could take Tesla to her 6 month doctor appointment. This kid would not leave him alone. He followed Lightening all over the house, asking him to help him with stuff, play with him, he made crafts for him. I suggested Lightening take him out to play in the snow and this little boy died and went to heaven, he was so happy. I stood on the balcony and they threw snowballs at me. Later, they watched TV together and he was all curled up beside him, snuggling nice and close.

Of course Lightening played along all day. It was so cute! He's like the son we never had.

When Lightening had to leave to take Tesla to the doctor, the little boy was very upset and asked if I could take Tesla instead so they could play more. He told me Lightening was more fun to play with than me and kept asking when my husband would be back. Aw.

Finally I got his mind off of it and got some good play time in. We went outside to meet his mom at the bus stop and I threw snowballs at my balcony. The boy said I was better at throwing snowballs than Lightening was. Ha! Redemption. It felt good to hear that after listening about how Lightening trumps me in every possible way all freaking day.

Unless Lightening changes jobs, today will probably be the one and only day that boy will every spend with him. It's too bad, too. Lightening would be a really great male role-model in his life. Now, for the rest of the week and probably well into next month, all I'm going to hear about is my husband, Lightening.

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