Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stupid Saturn

If bad things happen in threes, I guess having our one and only car break down yesterday means the curse is broken for a few months?

Bob tried to start his car after work and quickly realized he could not. I won't get into the specifics of what's wrong because I honestly have no idea. I just know that the hunk of junk is going cost us about $1000 in repairs.

It only makes sense that it's going to cost us so much. The car had to be kept overnight and I asked Bob was his cut off was going to be. You know, how much are you willing to spend on this car before selling it to the scrapyard? Bob said, a thousand.

We need a car. It's hard getting by with just one car, but no car would be a nightmare. We can't afford to buy a new car. We can't afford to buy a used car. One of the reasons why I chose to open a home daycare was because we couldn't afford to get a second car and I needed to earn a living some how.

The car is more than 10 years old. It's a p.o.s. car. Driver's side door has no door handle. The knob to roll down the window always falls off. Cigarette lighter doesn't work. Heat doesn't work properly. The windows aren't sealed properly anymore and it is really loud when you drive. Only one speaker works. Car mats have holes worn right through them. Windshield wiper blades need replacing. Tires always need air in them.

Ah, but engine is good. All those other complaints are just cosmetic stuff that doesn't really matter. The thing still drives. (Well, up until yesterday it still drove.) I still hate it. Plus it's a Saturn and I hate those cars. They're too low to the ground. I don't like sitting with my knees higher than my belly button.

We have this baby, and this baby has gear. We need a larger, more comfortable vehicle that suits our lifestyle. I sort of wish the repairs to the car would astronomical, like three thousand dollars or something stupid, that way we would be forced to get something else, and that something else could be more like a crossover or a hatchback.

Seriously, we never lock the doors because we both secretly hope someone will steal the damn thing and set it on fire.

Ultimately, it's Bob's decision. It's the only car he's ever owned, so he's pretty attached, and he's taken pretty good care of it. They weren't made to last forever, but he was hoping to get at least 2 more years out of it. If I had to choose to between the Saturn and the bus, sigh, I guess I choose the stupid Saturn.

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  1. Remember my Shitty Buick? I was pretty attached to it too. But the repairs were over a grand I literally gave the car away. I was going to have to pay to throw my car away so I gave it to the first person I talked to.

    Best decision ever. Nickel and diming yourself into a hole isn't worth keeping a car around. Hope it turns out okay one way or another! Try sending it auction, you'd be surprised at the money you may actually get for it