Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photo Shoot

My little baby had a professional photo shoot. You can see a sneak peak on the photographer's blog and she's the first picture called Hair Envy. I encourage you to leave a comment on her picture because if I get 20 comments from 20 different households, I'll get a free 8X10 picture!

I'm going to be honest, the big picture bothers me. Her collar isn't straight, one of her bows is slipping out of her hair... Tesla's cute and has a nice expression, but I hate that picture. I would never hang it up. Those little details drive me crazy.

The whole experience of the photo shoot was good. It went by fast. The photographer didn't give me any direction at all. It's hard to jump in to primp the model when I don't know if I'm going to wreck a good photo or not. For me, it's all about the little things. Her bow being crooked and her flipped collar drives me nuts. A good photographer would notice that and have me fix it so we could take a nice picture. I can take candid shots of my kid looking sloppy at home. For free.

I'm upset that I never noticed these small details during the shoot. I would have fixed it! I was spending my time trying to keep Tesla calm. She was tired and wasn't giving big smiles or acting happy during the shoot. There were a few moments of happiness the photographer seemed to catch, but I'm just so picky, I hope there are better shots than what the sneak peak has to offer.

I would rather have a professional picture of Tesla screaming with perfect hair and clothes and background then Tesla smiling with messed up styling. Is that weird? There are too many "professional" pictures taken of me when I was a kid where I look straight up fucking dorky. Pictures where my hair looks dumb or I'm positioned weird. Why did no one try to make me look nice?

Perhaps I'm projecting my child-hood issues onto my daughter. Perhaps it's because I dated a photographer who was very good at his hobby and now I'm biased. (Actually, I know I'm biased. Not many photographers meet my standards.) Or perhaps it's because I have a semi-related background to photography, which is video, and I know how important it is to look at what's in your frame and tell someone their tie is crooked or their bangs are sticking up.

The photographer had set up a shot where Tesla's stuffed animals were in the background. Tesla threw them around immediately and the photographer never fixed it. She kept trying to take pictures and I kept thinking, what are these pictures going to look like? I went over and fixed the animals myself because I wasn't really happy with how that part of the photo shoot was going. I just had to trust the photographer knew what she was doing.

When Tesla had a huge melt down toward the end of the shoot, I requested she take pictures of it. I thought it would be funny to hang a screaming picture of Tesla on the wall. Everyone always tries so hard to get their babies to smile for pictures. Tesla wasn't in the mood, so let's just work with what we've got. Plus, Tesla's kind of cute when she's angry.

So go leave a comment! I want that free 8X10!

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