Monday, March 31, 2014

Or You Could Just Wear a Pin...

Of all the ways you can support a person struggling to beat cancer, it seems as though drastically changing your hair style is the only thing some kids can think of to do. That's kind of sad.

- Battle over teen's pink mohawk

- Nine year old girl suspended for shaving head bald

A 17 year old boy died his mohawk pink to show support for his mom who has cancer. This violates his school's dress code and he was told if he wanted to continue to be on the track team, he had to change his hair. He chose to leave the track team so he could keep his hair. He says he chose "family."

A 9 year old girl shaved her head bald to support her friend who's going through chemo right now. She was suspended from school for a day because it violated her school's dress code, but was allowed to come back after mounting pressure from the public.

When I see a teen with a pink mohawk, my first thought is, "That kid looks like a hooligan," and not, "Does that guy know someone with cancer?" Why a pink mohawk? How does that possibly represent support for cancer research/people who have cancer? There are so many other things you can do to show support in a much more recognizable way. Pin a ribbon to your shirt or bag. Wear a custom shirt. Donate money. Hold a fundraiser. Create some jewellery. Make some art or write a song and share it with others. Dying your mohawk pink is not the best way to show your support, especially if it gets you kicked off the track team! That's not choosing family, that's choosing stupidity!

As for the 9 year old who shaved her hair off - while that may have seemed like a brave and noble thing to do at the time, it was actually a really stupid thing to do. Her school's dress code made it clear that skin-heads aren't allowed. School's have dress codes and hair policies for a reason and you can't just start breaking whatever rules you want in order to "support" certain people or causes. Support your causes within the rules. The parents should have applauded their daughter's idea because it was a nice thought, but it was ultimately the wrong gesture.

This generation is so gung-ho about their "rights" that they don't ever consider the consequences of their actions. You can't just do whatever the hell you want in name of a "good cause." That's not how the real world works. Then the whiny public jumps in crying, "...but it's for cancer!!!" like somehow that's supposed to make a difference. You can support your causes and look professional at the same time! There is no need for crazy hair.

Schools have some pretty stupid rules nowadays, but the one thing I agree with is students having professional hair and dress. If you want to look like a clown, go join the circus.

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