Monday, August 5, 2013

16 Hours of Driving

For the long weekend, Bob and I drove up to Snow Lake with Tesla to visit my bff Steph and her husband and 2 daughters. It's a solid 8 hour drive up North, and very scenic too! We spotted a baby lynx, pheasants, and this huge hawk almost smacked into our windshield!

To keep ourselves entertained and awake we played games like 20 Questions, I'm Going on a Trip, (we memorized items for an entire hour!) and Last Letter Game. All very good games, but by far the funniest game we played was Think Pink. Basically you think of a simple way to describe two words that rhyme. An example would be, A dwelling for rodents: Mouse House.

Of course we got totally ridiculous with it. Hover over or click Answer to see the the solution. I'm not sure what this html does.

"In the event that things in the stratosphere went to school and came home with straight A's on a report card you would have a..." Answer

"In the event that a type of aspirin would be elected to city hall, you would have a..." Answer

"A citrus smelling thing that is part of an entrance way would be a..." Answer

Bob and I have a lot of fun together. And Tesla was so good the whole time! She slept or played quietly and didn't cry or fuss at all. When we got home, she was excited to be back. She recognized where we were before we even got inside and made these cute little squeals of delight. She just started crawling everywhere once inside, finding all of her toys and chasing the cats.

Bob and I are ordering a pizza to eat tonight. It's sort of a last hurrah before getting back into the old routine. Also, I took time off of my diet this weekend, so pizza is my last hurrah before getting back to counting calories and hardcore exercise. I'm nervous to step on the scale in the morning.

I know this blog really focused on the driving aspect of the trip, so I'll mention some of the actual trip. We went to the beach, went for a short hike to see the falls, and made s'mores over a campfire. We took a walk through town and enjoyed some soft serve, and we just hung out with our kids, relaxed, and enjoyed the company. It was wonderful! A very rejuvenating weekend. I should have taken more pictures, but oh well. This blog post is memory enough. For me, vacation memories have always been about how the trip made me feel, not what I actually did on the trip. I hope y'all had a great long weekend!

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